Surgical Scrub Brush

This Surgical Scrub Brush combines three cleaning methods into one, including soft bristles, a foam sponge and a nail cleaner. With these three cleaning methods, you can be sure your hands are fully prepared for surgical and medical procedures.

  It's dry

  Soft bristles with sponge and nail cleaner

  Polyethylene soft bristles enhance mechanical cleaning action while reducing skin irritation.

  Soft sponge provides gentle cleaning on irritated areas or when firmer action is not required. It is used to dip the disinfectant to clean the hands

  Single use only. Latex free. Sterile by ETO.

  Packing:  1 pc/blister, 240 blisters/ctn

 MOQ:      10,080 pcs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every healthcare professional needs to ensure that their hands are clean in a multitude of situations. These include before touching a patient or before any aseptic procedure. On the top of that, using a surgical scrub brush is also a good idea after being exposed to bioaerosols or bodily fluids, and it's just as important after touching a patient or their surroundings.

1. Don't touch the dispenser if there's no proactive film.

2. Dispense the antiseptic soap.

3. Continue the scrub and wash your forearms and hands under the running water.

4. You want to rinse the hands, and then your forearms, with your hands being above the forearms to prevent water leaks.

5. Ideally, you also want to clean the nail spaces with a file if possible.

6. Brush the cuticles and nails, you want to use the surgical scrub brush soaked in some antiseptic solution especially on the area between fingers.

7. You then want to rinse your hands and then your forearms. You can continue with the wrist, palm and then the forearms to the joint of your elbow.

We have two other types of medical scrub brushes:

1. Medical scrub brush with povidone iodone.

2. Medical scrub brush with chlorhexidine gluconate solution.

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