Surgical Scrub Brush

This Surgical Scrub Brush combines three cleaning methods into one, including soft bristles, a foam sponge and a nail cleaner. With these three cleaning methods, you can be sure your hands are fully prepared for surgical and medical procedures.

  It's dry

  Soft bristles with sponge and nail cleaner

  Polyethylene soft bristles enhance mechanical cleaning action while reducing skin irritation.

  Soft sponge provides gentle cleaning on irritated areas or when firmer action is not required. It is used to dip the disinfectant to clean the hands

  Single use only. Latex free. Sterile by ETO.

  Packing:  1 pc/blister, 240 blisters/ctn

 MOQ:      10,080 pcs

Top Surgical Hand Scrub Brush Supplier in China

We are manufacturing surgical hand scrub brush since 2017. However, we focus on international trade and ensure the quality of medical items. We are situated in Zhenglu Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Our business relies on robust growth in the medical sector to create a 100,000-standard purification workshop. 

Thus, we buy cutting-edge manufacturing equipment from abroad and strictly adhere to quality standards. To satisfy the demands of medical experts, we provide a broad selection of premium surgical hand scrub brush. We use the finest materials in the construction of our brushes, which include soft nylon bristles that gently cleanse the face without irritating it.

How to choose the best product

The use of best surgical hand scrub brush in the operating room is crucial for upholding a high standard of hygiene and lowering the risk of infection. These brushes are made to efficiently clean surgical staff members' hands and nails of debris and bacteria. They remove other contaminants before they enter the sterile environment of the operating room.

There are a few things to think about while selecting a surgical hand scrub brush in China. The bristles should be strong enough to remove dirt and bacteria effectively while still being gentle enough to prevent skin damage. The brush should be simple to clean and sanitize, and the handle should be ergonomically constructed for a comfortable grip.


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To meet various hand sizes and preferences, our leading surgical hand scrub brushes are available in a range of sizes and forms. In addition to tiny brushes that are perfect for use while traveling or on-the-go. We also offer brushes with long handles for a comfortable grip.

Every single one of our surgical hand scrub brushes is simple to clean and sanitize. Thereby, allowing for continuous usage without compromising hygiene requirements. They are a cost-effective option for healthcare facilities of all sizes because they are long-lasting and sturdy.

Best Quality Surgical Hand Scrub Brush Manufacturer

We, as surgical hand scrub brush suppliers, have a 10,000 square meter footprint, with 5,000 square meters of manufacturing space, as well as 294 triply wire machines. We have 120 flat wire machines, 80 welding machines, 150 mask machines, etc. With a storage capacity of nearly 43,000 cubic meters. Also, a sterilization center for ethylene oxide measuring 2, 500 square meters.

Our Surgical Hand Scrub Brush is the best tool for healthcare professionals. When it comes to upholding the highest standards of hand hygiene in the operating room. Our scrub brush provides unmatched scrubbing performance and is constructed to the highest standards. However, our scrub brush's ergonomic handle and blend of soft yet sturdy bristles make for a relaxing and effective hand-cleaning experience.

High Quality Surgical Hand Scrub Brush

Assuring a comprehensive and efficient pre-operative hand hygiene regimen, the bristle density is optimized to remove dirt and debris. It also removes bacteria from every nook and corner of your hands. With our Surgical Hand Scrub Brush, you can be sure that you are doing everything possible to reduce the risk of infection and give your patients the finest treatment possible.

Our Surgical Hand Scrub Brush has several qualities that make it the top pick for medical professionals. Therefore, the ergonomic brush handle is for a comfortable grip and maneuverability. Thus, enabling effortless cleaning and lowering hand fatigue during extended use. As nasal cannula suppliers, we provide the assurance that comes from knowing that all measures are there. Thus, shielding you and your patients from dangerous infections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every healthcare professional needs to ensure that their hands are clean in a multitude of situations. These include before touching a patient or before any aseptic procedure. On the top of that, using a surgical scrub brush is also a good idea after being exposed to bioaerosols or bodily fluids, and it's just as important after touching a patient or their surroundings.

1. Don't touch the dispenser if there's no proactive film.

2. Dispense the antiseptic soap.

3. Continue the scrub and wash your forearms and hands under the running water.

4. You want to rinse the hands, and then your forearms, with your hands being above the forearms to prevent water leaks.

5. Ideally, you also want to clean the nail spaces with a file if possible.

6. Brush the cuticles and nails, you want to use the surgical scrub brush soaked in some antiseptic solution especially on the area between fingers.

7. You then want to rinse your hands and then your forearms. You can continue with the wrist, palm and then the forearms to the joint of your elbow.

We have two other types of medical scrub brushes:

1. Medical scrub brush with povidone iodone.

2. Medical scrub brush with chlorhexidine gluconate solution.

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