Yankauer Suction Tip

Yankauer suction tip was developed in 1907 by Dr. Sidney Yankauer. It has become a very common suction instrument in the world.

Large lumen provides rapid aspiration and resist clogging - removing fluid and debris from body.

The yankauer suction handle has an atraumatic end and angled shape. It allows effective suction without damaging surrounding tissue for patient comfort.

  Sturdy shatter-resistant construction enables use for retraction.

  Transparency allows clear visualization of fluids.

  Available with and w/o Control Vent.

  Provides side eyes to reduce the chance for tissue grab.

  Types: bulb tip with vent

               bulb tip without vent

               plain tip with vent

               plain tip without vent

  Single use only. Latex free. Sterile by ETO.

  Packing:  sterile, individual blister pack, 200 pcs/carton
 MOQ:      5000 pcs

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many types of suction tubes for surgery. Yankauer suction tip is the most popular type. 

Yankauer suction tip was invented by an American doctor Sidney Yankauer in 1907, so it was named yankauer suction tip.

The opening and diameter of the yankauer suction tip is larger than that of the general suction tube, and it has a bulbous head. The characteristic of the yankauer suction tip is that it can attract efficiently and protect the tissue. Because of its ergonomic design, it was welcomed by doctors once it was released.

Dr. Sidney Yankauer was an otolaryngologist. He needed to suck up the secretions of the oropharynx quickly during the operation, so he improved the previous suction tube. Therefore, the yankauer suction tip was originally used for oropharyngeal surgery, which is why the yankauer suction tip has a curvature.

Although the yankauer suction tip is currently the most commonly used in surgical operations, don’t forget that its main business is to attract oropharyngeal secretions. In the textbooks of some nursing education institutions in Europe and the United States, the yankauer suction tip is used for airway management. 

Suction connecting tube has two female connectors. Yankauer handle has a straight end and an angled tip.

To set up a yankauer suction set, putting the straight end of yankauer handle into either female connector of Yankauer tube. Then it finished.

1.Attach one end of connection tubing to the suction machine and the other end to the yankauer.

2.Turn on suction machine to the required level. Test function by covering hole on the Yankeur with your thumb and suctioning up a small amount of water.

3.insert Yankauer suction tip along the patient's gum line to the pharynx. Apply suction by covering the thumb hole of the yankauer suction tip.

4.Clear out connecting tube by placing yankauer suction tip in the basin of water.

5.Reassess and repeat oral suctioning if required.

6.Reassess respiratory status and O2 saturation for improvements.

7.Clean up supplies, remove gloves, and wash hands.

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