Three Way Stopcock With Extension Tube

Three-way stopcock with extension tube is to be used with any of the various infusion or transfusion devices in order to allow for attachmant with any special or general purpose medical device, in order to improve ease of use also to provide an alternative channel for introduction of medicine to the patient.

It provides 3-way flow (from inlet to outlet, inlet to side port or side port to outlet) by use of the handle on the top of the stopcock to open and close lines.

  Material: non-toxic medial grade PVC, PE, PC.

  3 way stopcock can be regular or lipid resistant.

  Generally the taps are blue or red for indicating venous or arterial use.

  The handle turns 360 degree. 

  Arrow indication on the handle to indicate the direction of flow.

  3-way stopcock has 2 female luer locks with white caps

  Soft & kink resistant PVC extension tubing. 

  In the end of extension tube is a swivel male luer lock with a transparent cap.

  Extension tube diameter: inner 3.0mm, outer 4.0mm.

  The length of extension tube can be 10 cm ~ 200 cm.

  Single use only. Sterile by ETO.

  Packing: 1pc/blister, 50 blisters/box, 20 boxes/ctn.

 MOQ:      10,000 pcs

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Available in two colors: Blue ( for venous ), Red ( for arterial ).

2. Universal 6% taper on luer allows connection with a wide variety of standard medical devices.

3. Fully transparent body made of medical grade biocompatible polycarbonate allows visualization of flow of fluids.

High quality kink-resistant tubing with smooth inner surface for laminar, non-turbulent flow.

10cm, 25cm, 50cm, 100cm, 150cm, 200cm

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