About Us



We started medical items business since 2009 year. Our goods were exported to Middle east, Europe, South America, Australia etc. Frankly, we are a trading company. Our prices maybe sometimes are not competitive, but we only deal good quality products. And normally in an order, the customer need various medical products. As we know, no manufacturer in China can produce all the items. For example, an order includes gauze swabs and syringes, what manufacturer in China can produce both of them? So, we think our value is to meet the request from the customers who need to combine various items into one order.

Our company location

ningbo city in china

Our company is located near the railway station of Ningbo city. In the photo you even can see the ceiling above railway. Ningbo port is the third biggest port in the world. It is highly automated. From our company to the port is around 30 kms. And our warehouse is 10 kms from the port. Normally before shipment, we will go to the warehouse to check the goods, and load them into the container. This procedure will ensure the quality of goods.