Urine Bag

Urine bag is used for collecting urine drained via a urinary catheter.

  Material: non-toxic medical PVC.

  Consists of bag, connecting tube, drainage outlet valve.

  One side white and the other side transparent.

  Type: T cross valve.

  Capacity: 2000ml.

  Single use only. Latex free. Sterile by ETO.

  Packing:  sterile, individual PE pack, 250 pcs/carton
 MOQ:      10,000 pcs

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Frequently Asked Questions

When changing the urine bag, first clamp the switch on the urinary catheter so that no urine will flow out when changing the urine bag. Fix the end of the urinary catheter with your left hand, and gently pull out the urine bag connector with your right hand. After pulling out, take a new urine bag, remove the protective cap of the urine bag connector, and insert the connector into the end of the urinary catheter.

Release the valve on the bottom of urinary drainage bag.

Pull-push valve

Twist valve

Cross valve (T valve)

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