Nasal Cannula

Nasal cannula provides low to medium flow oxygen delivery and is designed with soft and pliable prongs which are ideal for patients who require long-term oxygen therapy. 

Composition:  1 oxygen tubing with inner diameter 5mm or 6mm

                          1 air source connector

                          1 three-way connector

                          2 Fr10 oxygen tubing

                          2 prongs  


1. Over the ear design allows for complete freedom of movement.

2. Kink resistant tubing ensures uninterrupted flow of oxygen. 

3. The inner of the oxygen connecting tube is designed in a compression-resistant plum shape.

4. The prongs are with siliconization, which reduces the irritation to the patient.

5. The air source connector can be matched with various humidification bottles.  

  Material:  non-toxic medical grade PVC
 Color:       green, transparent
  Packing:  sterile, individual PE pack,100 pcs/carton
 MOQ:       5000 pcs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nasal cannulas are used to deliver oxygen when a low flow, low or medium concentration is required, and the patient is in a stable state.

1.Wash hands. Remove nasal cannula from package.

2.Attach end connector to oxygen source, e.g., oxygen extension tubing or oxygen flow control outlet.

3.Adjust flow control knob to the prescribed liter flow. Check for gas flow from the nasal prongs.

4.Position the nasal cannula with the nasal prongs facing upward and curved toward the face. Insert the two nasal prongs into the nostrils.

5.Wrap the headset loop up and over both ears. Alternative placement:Secure headset loop behind your head.

6.Squeeze the slides of the bolo and glide the bolo up under your chin. Leave enough space to fit at least two fingers between the bolo and chin. 

If you are only using your nasal cannula for a few hours a day, you should be able to use it for the longer period, but with frequent or constant use, replacing your nasal cannula every 10 days is ideal.

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