How to use a surgical scrub brush?


Using a surgical scrub brush is one of the best ways to ensure that you avoid transmitting any type of bacteria or viruses. The human skin can easily transmit germs that are responsible for diseases, so it’s crucial to wash your hands properly, at work, home or in a healthcare setting. You can never be too careful, and that’s why you should learn how to use a surgical scrub brush properly. Here are some things to keep in kind.

When is it important to use a surgical scrub brush?

Every healthcare professional needs to ensure that their hands are clean in a multitude of situations. These include before touching a patient or before any aseptic procedure. On top of that, using a surgical scrub brush is also a good idea after being exposed to bioaerosols or bodily fluids, and it’s just as important after touching a patient or their surroundings.

How can you use a surgical scrub brush?

Using a dry surgical scrub brush is quite common, and it can help immensely. Here are the steps you should focus on:

·         Make sure that you wet your hands up to the elbow joint

·         Don’t touch the dispenser if there’s no proactive film.

·         Dispense the antiseptic soap

·         Continue the scrub and wash your forearms and hands under the running water

·         You want to rinse the hands, and then your forearms, with your hands being above the forearms to prevent water leaks.

·         Ideally, you also want to clean the nail spaces with a file if possible.

·         Brush the cuticles and nails, you want to use the surgical scrub brush soaked in some antiseptic solution especially on the area between fingers.

·         You then want to rinse your hands and then your forearms. You can continue with the wrist, palm and then the forearms to the joint of your elbow.

Tips and tricks

It’s very important to remove any piece of jewelry like bracelets, watches or rings. You don’t want your surgical scrub brush to touch any of that, plus they might be filled with bacteria themselves. We recommend you to scrub every side of your finger, the space between the fingers and so on for around 2 minutes each. You can also wash every side of your arm for up to a minute. Also, you need to be sure that you use the surgical scrub brush without splashing any water onto the surgical attire. Dry your hands using the aseptic technique and a sterile towel.



Using a surgical scrub brush is a very good idea if you want to be sure that you prevent the transfer of any bacteria in the surgical room. Proper cleanup and disinfection are key if you want to stay safe and also protect your patient from any infection. Make sure that you follow all the tips and tricks presented here, and if you have any questions, we are always ready to assist. You can visit our website right now if you want to acquire your own surgical scrub brush today and follow all the aforementioned tips for proper cleaning and disinfection!