Blood Transfusion Set

Blood transfusion set is used for gravity-controlled transfusion of blood or blood components. It is also named blood administration set, blood giving set.

For blood, it has several components, including:

Red cells carry oxygen and help remove waste products.

White cells help your body fight infections.

Plasma is the liquid part of your blood.

Platelets help your blood clot properly.

Most commonly transfusion includes red cells, plasma and platelets transfusions.

A blood administration set consists of spike, drip chamber, filter, tubing, roller clamp and needle etc.

  Material: non-toxic medial grade PVC, PP, ABS, PE.

  Sharp spike suit for all standard blood collection and transfer bags.

  Large drip chamber ensures trouble-free transfusion.

  Undesirable particles are filtered out by the 200 micron filter.

  Clear, transparent, soft and kink resistant tubing.

  Large roller clamp with closure ensures precise flow rate setting.

  With fixed 18G needle.

  Single use only. Sterile by ETO.

  Packing: 1pc/blister, 300 pcs/ctn.

 MOQ:      9,000 pcs

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Under normal circumstances, the blood transfusion rate is 5-10 ml/min, which is converted into a drip rate: 75-150 drops/min.

2. When encountering acute massive blood loss and requiring rapid blood transfusion, the blood transfusion rate can reach 50-100 ml/min.

3. If you encounter the elderly, infirm, infants, and people with lung dysfunction, the blood transfusion rate should be slow, which can be 1-2 ml/min.

4. Follow the principle of “slow first and fast after” blood transfusion. In the first 15 minutes blood transfusion, take it slowly. observe whether there are adverse reactions, and then adjust the drip rate according to the situation

5. Try to finish transfusing a bag of blood within 4 hours. If the transfusion is not completed in special circumstances, be sure to check whether the blood has deteriorated. Generally, 200 ml of blood can be transfused in 30-40 minutes.

Blood components must be filtered during transfusion to remove clots and small clumps of platelets and white blood cells that form during collection and storage. 

There is a filter in the chamber of the blood transfusion set. The general pore size is 200 microns, which can filter out small clots and other large-volume substances in blood products.

1. Sterile physiological saline should be used to flush the blood transfusion tract before and after blood transfusion.

2.When continuously infusing blood from different blood donors, after the previous bag of blood has been transfused, the blood transfusion set should be flushed with sterile physiological saline, and then the next bag of blood can be connected to continue the transfusion.

3. The blood transfusion set used for the infusion of whole blood, blood components or biological agents should be replaced every 4 hours.

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