Scalp Vein Set

Scalp vein set is used for venepuncture and intravenous infusions.

  Material: stainless steel,PVC.

  Size: 18G, 19G, 20G, 21G, 22G, 23G, 24G, 25G.

  Semi-transparent Butterflies are color coded for instant identification of needle size.

  Short beveled siliconized needle facilitates atraumatic cannulation.

  Butterfly shaped wings facilitate easy handling and attachment with the skin.

  Soft non toxic, non-irritant tube, which does not kink or coil.

  The proximal end of the set is provided with flexible female luer fitting.

  Single use only. Latex Free. Sterile by ETO.

  Packing: 1pc/blister, 100blisters/box, 200boxes/ctn.

 MOQ:      50,000 pcs

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a device specially used for venipuncture, which can puncture the superficial vein for intravenous injection or blood collection.

During the injection, The medical staff can use the thumb and index finger to hold the wings of the scalp vein set to fix the position. The grip position is very close to the hypodermic needle, so it can be accurately positioned. Generally, the needle is allowed to enter the blood vessel at a small angle, which may also be the original design intention of this device. When the needle enters the blood vessel, the venous blood pressure will allow a small amount of blood to enter the transparent tube of the scalp vein set, which can be seen with the naked eyes, called flashback, so that the operator can confirm that the needle has entered the blood vessel.

Compared with traditional straight hypodermic needles, scalp vein sets have some advantages. The flexible tube of the scalp vein set can reach more parts of the body surface, and also allows the patient to have a larger range of movement during injection. The precise positioning of the scalp vein set helps to inject thinner, fragile, or other blood vessels that are not easy to inject. The small injection angle of the scalp vein set helps to collect blood from very shallow veins, such as the palm, wrist or scalp.

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