Surgical Gown

A surgical gown is a personal protective garment intended to be worn by doctor during surgical procedures to protect both the patient and doctor from the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids, and particulate matter.
Style:    gown, long sleeve, knitted cuffs, with white velcro at neck, with four ties at waist, usually with two hand towels, with non woven wrapper
 Material: SMS 35gsm-60gsm
 Color:    blue
 Size:     M(120×140cm), L(130×150cm), XL(140×160cm)
 Packing:  sterile, 1 pc/blister pack, 50 pcs/carton
 MOQ:      10,000 pcs

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Frequently Asked Questions

SMS products not only have the inherent high abrasion resistance of the spunbond layer, the middle meltblown layer also improves the product's filtration efficiency, barrier performance, particle penetration resistance, hydrostatic pressure resistance, shielding performance and appearance uniformity, thereby achieving Good filterability, liquid resistance and opacity. 

This material has the following excellent characteristics: 

1.uniform and beautiful appearance 

2.high hydrostatic pressure resistance

3.soft hand feeling

4.good air permeability

5.good filtering effect

6.strong acid and alkali resistance

1.Stretch the placket of the surgical gown upwards and open it flat, and fold the plackets of both sides outwards once.

2.Turn the surgical gown upside down so that the placket is facing down, fold the two sleeves inward, lay them flat, and tie a label on the waistband.

3.Align and stack up three times from bottom to top.

4.Stack up evenly from both sides to the middle

5.Align the center line, align the two sides and stack up.

6.Attach the label to complete the folding process.

After the operation, you can take off the surgical gown after entering the dressing room from the clean area, and put it in the corresponding dirt bucket.

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