Nebulizer Mask

Nebulizer mask is designed specifically for nebulizer therapy. It is also named Aerosol Mask.

A nebulizer mask with tubing looks like a regular oxygen mask commonly used in the hospital. Unlike a mouthpiece, it covers the mouth and nose and is usually held onto the face using an elastic band.

  Material: non-toxic medical grade PVC

  Nebulizer mask kit consists of mask, nebulizer jar and tube.

  6ml nebulizer jar (20ml can be optional).

  The scientifically designed nebulizer jar can change the medication from liquid to a mist with a good quantity of atomization.

  Size:  pediatric ( toddler )

             pediatric elongated ( child ) 


             adult elongated

  Tube length: 2 meter.

  With adjustable nasal clip.

  Color: green or transparent.

  Single use only. Sterile by ETO.

  Packing:  sterile, individual PE pack, 50 pcs/carton
 MOQ:      2000 pieces



Directions For use of nebulizer mask:

1. Place the prescribed medication into the nebulizer jar.

2. Carefully snap the lid over the jar.

3. Connect one end of the supply tubing to the small stem at the bottom of the nebulizer jar.

4. Attach the nebulizer jar to the mask inlet.

5. Connect the remaining end of the supply tubing to the desired pressure source.

6. Set oxygen flow to 5~6 LPM and check for flow through the device.

7. Place the mask on the patient's face with the elastic strap below the ears and around the neck. Gently pull the ends of the strap until the mask is secure. Shape the metal strip on the mask to fit the nose. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Hold the mask to the face so both the nose and mouth are covered. The mask may be secured to the head with an elastic band.

2.Turn the machine (compressor) on to start the mist. The head should be held upright. This correctly positions the nebulizer and opens the airway.

3.Assure deep breathing throughout the treatment.

4.Occasionally tapping the side of the nebulizer helps the solution to drop to where it can be misted.

5.Continue the treatment until the onset of inconsistent nebulization, i.e. sputtering.

An oxygen mask is a mask that patients wear over their nose and their mouth so that oxygen can be supplied to them from a storage tank. 

Nebulizer masks can deliver medication quickly and easily to your lungs to help you breathe better and cure the illness in your lungs.

For most people, the choice between the two boils down to personal preference but begins with talking to a doctor. 

Nebulizer mask is particularly useful when it comes to giving medicines to a child who may not be able to use the mouthpiece properly. 

Mouthpieces are suitable for people who feel uncomfortable with the mask or prefer that specific delivery method.

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