What is paraffin gauze dressing used for?


You can put paraffin gauze dressings directly into burns and minor wounds. It serves as first aid and will provide comfort to wound.

With healing wounds, it is also pretty efficient at maintaining the cleanliness of the injury by eradicating the possibility of dirty bacteria entering into the scars. 

By facilitating drainage of the injury onto a more robust and absorbent dressing, the paraffin gauze makes sure the patient remains calm and relaxed. 

Aside from protecting burns and lesions, you can use it for ulcers, skin loss abrasions, and skin grafts. 

You can apply paraffin gauze dressings into multiple layers because it is a low-adherent dressing. 

The possibility of using it with any medication is almost none, but you can use it with an antibacterial ointment and cream. In this way, it protects an injured person from bacterial infections. 

Since paraffin gauze possesses non-adhesive nature, you can apply it directly to the wound. However, paraffin is the starting base dressing, and you can add additional bandage over it. 

Since it is not absorbent, you should fortify it with a second bandage, absorbent dressing, to protect the sauce from adhering to the wound and drying out. 

In this case, you can save a person's damage more appropriately than when you apply just paraffin and then leave the wound alone. 

It has been using for both consumer and professional needs in clinics, schools, households, senior living facilities, and hospitals. It is composed of low adherence gauze, non-woven dressing. You will find all the paraffin dressings sterile. 

It will be better to use paraffin gauze dressings for treating lesions and minor cuts. Unfortunately, if your wound gets more severe or bleeding starts, you will be required to use a more robust bandage dressing. 



Paraffin gauze offers so many features for injured persons. 

·   It possesses a soft paraffin base. 

·   Paraffin dressing offers a sterile open weave presentation. 

·   The presence of Chlorhexidine makes it an active agent against bacteria. 

·   By reducing the risk of infection, it will make the patient more comfortable. 

·   It is low adherent and soothing. 



Paraffin dressing has so many things to like about it. 

·   It protects and soothes the wound. 

·   Open-weave gauze will help resist fraying and shape when the dressing is cut to shape. 

·   Paraffin Gauze will fight against gram-negative and gram-positive, including MRSA. 

·   Antiseptic efficacy is unaffected by blood and serum. 



·   You must not use it for more than 10% of your body area. 

·    Photosensitivity, contact, dermatitis mat rarely occurs. 

·    Avoid contact with the middle ear, eyes, brain, and meanings.

Final Words 

When you need a dressing to put on your wound, only a few dressings are capable of helping you.  Most of the sauces are not good enough to fight with bacteria and will most probably affect you from the bacteria. 

Meanwhile, paraffin gauze dressing is a rare exception with excellent quality and healing ability. When you apply it to your wound, you will feel pretty comfortable. It doesn't just stop the flow of blood but also provides much-needed protection to your wounds.