How to wear a mask properly?


Since the development of COVID-19, mask has become a must-have item in addition to “mobile phones, wallets, and keys”. Disposable medical surgical masks are now the best choice that is more convenient to obtain, affordable, comfortable and breathable, and can "cope" with security guards and administrators.

Medical masks seem to have a simple structure, but they are still very particular about wearing. The advent of COVID-19 has made tens of thousands of people become "mask wearing experts" overnight. But "Does the mask have front and back sides? Is the colored side facing in or out? Did I wear it upside down?" Many people are confused. In this article, we will solve everyone's doubts about how to correctly wear medical masks and distinguish between the front and back of the mask.

The structure of medical masks: how many layers are there?



The most common medical masks are composed of three layers: 

1. The outer layer of waterproof: In general, the colored layer (usually blue or green) is mainly to prevent bacteria and viruses from adsorbing on the mask and it is the first line of defense. 

2. The middle layer of high efficiency filterability: the middle layer is to isolate and filter the remaining bacteria and viruses, so as to ensure our safety. 

3. The inner layer of absorbent: The inner layer is to capture and absorb the saliva ejected from our mouths to prevent the virus we carry from spreading.



 How should I wear a mask correctly? 


The first point is to check if there are instructions on the mask packaging. If not, please follow the instructions below to wear it. 

1. Check the color of the mask 

Normally, the outer layer is colored. Please make sure that the color side is facing outward when wearing it. At the same time, if the outer layer is contaminated or fluffy, please replace it in time. Note: there are colors facing outwards! 




2. Feel the inner and outer layer of the mask with your hands 

If your medical mask has the same color on both sides, like this. 


We need to distinguish the inner layer and outer layer of the mask by touch. 

The inner layer (to fit the face) is usually softer and more delicate, while the outer layer is a bit rougher.


Please don’t identify the wearing direction according to the position of ear loops 

Many people use distinguish the inner layer and outer layer of the mask according to the position of the ear loops. It sounds reasonable, but this method is neither correct nor scientific. Don't follow suit! This cannot be used as a criterion. JOHNSONMED inspected medical masks from five different manufacturers and found that only one mask, its ear loops were connected to the outside of the mask, and the other four were on the inside. 




Steps to wear a medical mask 


Please follow the steps to check if your usage habits are perfect: 

1. For masks with ear loops, first pick up the mask and aim it at your ears. 

2. Hold up the mask and hang it on both ears. Make sure that the mask covers the nose, mouth and jaw. 

3. Pinch the metal strip on the top of the mask over the bridge of the nose to shape it. Medical masks should be placed close to the face. 

4. After wearing the mask, avoid touching the mask. If so, wash your hands afterwards. 

5. After removing the mask, put it in a covered trash can and wash your hands immediately. 

6. Replace the medical surgical mask in time. Generally speaking, surgical masks should not be reused. If the mask is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one immediately.